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It used to be that "find a need and fill it" was the best advice given for success in business. Today, it's not that simple. Starting a business always involves an element of risk. Starting one without adequate insurance coverage is downright insane! Since 1986 Dolan & Edwards has helped businesses in Southern Nevada and Southern Utah protect their livelihood from cyber liability suits, data breaches, and other hazards of doing business in the modern world. 

We have a lot in common

Today's businesses may offer different products and services than they did 100 years ago. One thing hasn't changed: the vast majority of independent businesses are family-owned and operated, just like Dolan & Edwards. Our roots in Caliente, NV go back to the 1940's. Gordon and Michele Wadsworth have been at the helm since 1986, with their son Cory coming on board in recent years. As an independent insurance agency, we have complete freedom to cast our nets as wide as we need to to find you the best business coverage. Plus, we answer to only one boss, and that's you!
Insurance agent shaking hands with the client after home insurance deal in Caliente, NV

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Is there a doctor in the house?

With our warm climate and diverse recreational opportunities, we have become a magnet for both older Americans and the doctors who take care of them. If you're one of the latter, you know how crucial it is to have adequate insurance coverage to protect you from frivolous lawsuits and other situations that will invariably arise. That's where Dolan & Edwards comes in. We specialize in medical office liability insurance. Got questions or need a quote? Step into our office at 160 Front Street in Caliente, NV.

Bounce back from cyberattack

"We miss those big, clunky file cabinets overflowing with paper." - said no business owner ever. Being able to store, track and analyze your important business information online definitely has its perks. Unfortunately, it also increases your risk of having that important data stolen or compromised. Having it happen to you can either a) shut your business down for good or b) be just a minor bump in the road. For option "b," call Dolan & Edwards and ask about cyber-liability and data breach protection. Call today for a quote! 
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