Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability insurance in Caliente

Dolan & Edwards wishes all the hackers and cyber-attackers in the world would just get a real job. Since that's unlikely to happen, we offer cyber liability insurance coverage to protect you and your data.

Boots on the ground, heads out of "the Cloud"

Storing your business and customer data in "the cloud" seemed like a great idea at the time. 

Then someone wormed his way into your files and did who knows what with it. Your customers are going to be furious, but you'll survive, with cyber liability insurance from Dolan & Edwards. Call today to learn more.
Cyber liability insurance against hacking in Caliente, NV

Today's coverage, not yesterday's news

If you have a business insurance policy, that's great. However, most standard commercial insurance policies don't cover things like cyber-attacks, identity theft or other "intangible" assets. Whether your business runs on a single computer, or a nationwide network, get the coverage you need to fill the gap at Dolan & Edwards in Caliente, NV. 

Take deliberate action against unintended consequences

An employee and a customer have been emailing back and forth for weeks. Now the customer is claiming that one of those emails infected his entire network with a Trojan Horse virus! What are you going to do? Take that horse by the reins and be sure you're covered by a cyber-liability insurance from Dolan & Edwards. Call today.
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