Medical Office Liability

Medical office liability insurance in Caliente

Being a medical care practitioner comes with great rewards, and great responsibility. Protect your premises, your patients and your employees with a medical office liability policy from Dolan & Edwards.

Help with a heartbeat

Learning medical terminology took enough of your time. Now you have to learn insurance-speak, too? 

Not if you deal with Dolan & Edwards. We explain all your medical office liability insurance options in plain English. Devote your mindspace to helping your patients. We'll devote ours to helping you get the insurance coverage you need. 
Insurance details of medical office in Caliente, NV

Paging Dr. Murphy

No one said Murphy's Law didn't apply to medical offices. The patient who tripped on your front steps and chipped her tooth made that abundantly clear, especially when she sued for damages. 

This is just one of the many situations that medical office liability can protect you from. Call Dolan & Edwards and get the coverage you need today! 

The tip of the iceberg

Medical office liability insurance is more than just protection from frivolous lawsuits. They protect you from a multitude of catastrophic expenses caused by any number of things. 

Sewer failure, employee theft, product defects, false advertising claims, even utility service interruption can be covered. Ask Dolan & Edwards how! 
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